After a six - year interruption, the Lycée Beau de Rochas renews with Europe.

Our project named " EURO MAINT AUTO " has been selected from the 384 presented in Febrary 2008. Thanks to the Leonardo Grant being awarded 8 volonteered 4th year students will be able to complete their third vocational training period in Britain. In other words, in November 2009, they will work four weeks in concessions in Oxford and its vicinity.

I would like to greet our for ever partners from OXFORD & CHERWELL VALLEY COLLEGE, we were glad to welcome in May 2007 on their fourth visit to Bordeaux and whom we will be pleased to meet up on this future exchange, and thank them for their help and support all through.

No need to say that for the Lycée Beau de Rochas, " L' Entente Cordiale " is not an empty claim !